i’m terrified. i have an MSE- or mental status exam for SSDI (disability) at 3pm tomorrow. All 4 of my sources tell me to be myself. Whaaaaa? Which one of me is that?  because the Julie who’s typing right now isn’t the Julie who comes around these parts often…and I’m only around these parts because […]


I wish I were dead. Yes, I said that. And it’s true. I’m stuck between two worlds. One where I wish I belonged, and the one I actually belong too. Neither one is particularly appealing. Problem is, to exist in the world of other people (the world I wish I belonged to), requires too much […]


Welcome to the Muck. The muck is my mind. My mind is a never ending carnival ride- a.k.a. “The Zipper”. A terrifying ride, “the zipper”. Out and out unpredictable, spinning … Source: About


Certifiable. All stories are true.  I may change names to protect those who deserve protection, and for the others?   I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I’m a hot mess of co-morbidity. ADHD. Bipolar Disorder. Anxiety disorder. Depression.  This is gonna be a fun ride!   A scary ride.  Wheee! Consider yourselves […]